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VKX-01L Automatic Carton Opening Machine

VKX-01L Automatic Carton Opening Machine
Detailed description

VKX-01L automatic carton opening machine

Major Characteristics:

     The machine can finish a series of operations , such as carton opening , shaping ,folding and sticking the adhesive tape . It can open vertical cardboard and correct the right-angle automatically . Automatic carton erector machine is a case packer that deals with unpacking ,carton flexing and packing . This machine adopts PLC and touch screen to control . As a result ,it is more convenient to operate and manage . Additionally , it can reduce labour input and lower labour intensity . It is the ideal choice of the automation producing lines . It will greatly reduce the cost of packing . Hot melt adhesive can also be utilized in this machine .

Main performance parameter:

1、Machine type:KX-01L

2、Power supply :220V/380V  50/60HZ   300W

3、Carton size:L:200-450   W:150-400   H:100-350mm

4、Speed :8-12 carton /min (according to the carton size )

5、Tape width :48/60 mm

6、Air source:6-7kg



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