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Pu-foam Aerosol Filling Machine

Pu-foam Aerosol Filling Machine
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Automatic PU Foam Aerosol Filling Machine


Automatic PU-Foam Aerosol Filling Machine is used in polyurethane foam sealing work. It contains cap unscramble, four heads liquid filler, sealer, gas inflator (1 capping head and 3 or 4 gas inflating heads), ink-jet printer, screw ring presser and swing vibration machine and so on. Full automatic valve feeding equipment, full automatic big cap presser, full automatic weighting machine can be selected optionally. This machine is easy to operate and with high security and measuring accuracy.


This automatic line is specially designed for PU foam products manufacturing with the feature of fast speed, high automation, intelligent, stable and reliable. It is also suitable for all typical aerosol products manufacturing. Some working stations are optional depending on customer’s budget. Main pneumatic parts are international brand such as Feston from Germany, SMC & CKD from Japan, Metalwork from Italy.


Stainless steel 304 working table panel and stainless steel 316 for the parts that touch liquid material and propellant, fully pneumatic controlled to be sure no any risk of explosion caused by electrical parts, even motor for the conveyor are explosion proof.


The parts for liquid dosing system and gas metering system are all manufactured by CNC machine, thus high filling accuracy and stable running performance are available.


The line shape can be straight or U shape or even S shape by curve conveyors based on the size of workshop from customer.


The speed of the line is 2400-3000cans/hours for PU foam can of 950ml volume.

Power supply voltage can be according to customers’ actual voltage such as 220V, 380V or 415V etc.



We have different filling machines for various kinds of aerosol products covering: spray painting, gas cartridge, house care, personal care, health care, car care and other industries.





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