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VFG-II Double-headed Eye Drops Filling Machine

Abstract: Vefill Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is the best China vfg-ii double-headed eye drops filling machine supplier and manufacturer, as a professional company, we have productive factory, which is always at your service.
Detailed description

VFG-II Double-headed eye drops filling machine

Purpose and performance:
This machine is mainly applied to filling eye drops into 2-30ml round plastic or glass bottles or bottles made of other materials. High-precision cam indexing mechanism finishes plate classification, positioning, screwing of plugs and caps. Cosine acceleration cam finishes lifting/descending operation of capping heads. Constant torque capping heads are adopted for screwing caps. Peristaltic pump is used for filling or ceramic pump is used for measurement filling. This machine is controlled by touch screen computer, with unique functions such as non-filling liquid/ non-plug screwing when bottles are not in place, non-capping when plugs are not screwed. It is advisable to choose dust cover.
1.       Accurate positioning, stable conveying
2.       Constant torque capping heads are adopted for screwing caps. Automatic skid device causes no damage for bottle caps.
3.       Simple measurement adjustment, accurate filling precision, and convenient operation.

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